• Food Photography

Dallas, Texas Based Commercial Advertising Photographer Specializing in Food & Beverage Photography.


Rusty Bradford is an established Dallas photographer whose low-stress professional demeanor vividly contrasts to his edgy and explosive photographic style. Informed by his prolific experience with hundreds of photographers on countless locations around the country, Rusty has been able to cultivate a visual style that is uniquely his own.

Rusty’s quest to develop his photographic style began soon after graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara with a degree specializing in advertising photography and industrial scientific photography. Upon graduating in 2005, Rusty was fortunate enough to find employment with Playboy Inc. where he experienced first-hand the operational subtleties of a large multifaceted photographic studio environment. When his tenure ended, Rusty returned to Texas and served as a digital photo retoucher, studio manager and as a grip assistant on films and TV shows. He also worked as a photographer’s assistant then as a freelance photographer. His exposure to numerous photographic styles and techniques were invaluable and would serve as the foundation upon which he would develop his own unique photographic vision.

In 2012, after spending years honing his technical and artistic skills, Rusty decided to open his own studio, Rusty Bradford Photography. Since its opening, the studio has garnered the respect and business of many local, national and international clients. Many creative departments in different business sectors, including national retail companies, restaurant companies, electronic companies and the entertainment industry, find Rusty’s work to be dynamic and efficient. His unique style has also found favor with many interior designers and national catalogue companies.

Frequently described as “distinct”, “edgy” and “explosive”, Rusty’s photography is a unique blend of artistic inspiration and technical mastery. In every shoot, he strives to make every image “snap and pop” off the page. Depending on the desired effect, the techniques he uses will vary. However, to capture his artistic vision extensive planning and technical work before, during and after a shoot is necessary. This can include infrared trigging devices to capture splash shots or extensive work with digital post-production techniques that can facilitate minute manipulation of images. Even though many of Rusty’s shoots are complex and very technical, all participants feel relaxed and comfortable on-set. Rusty’s calm and respectful demeanor ensure the work environment will be low-stress and very productive.

Currently, Rusty resides in Dallas, Texas only minutes away from his studio that is located in the heart of the photo district. He spends most of his free-time with his wife at the lake and enjoys a range of activities including cooking, fishing, golf, hiking and traveling the back roads of Texas.